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The Feed-in-Tariff

What is it?

FiTs, Feed-in Tariff scheme is a Government financial incentive to encourage the take up of renewable electrical energy generation - i.e. Solar PV.

For all eligible installations, FiTs pays a tariff for the electricity generated as well as the electricity exported back to the grid.

Who is it for?

The FiT scheme is for all householders, communities or businesses which have an eligible installation

What technologies is this for?

  • Solar photovoltaic (usually called PV) with a total installed capacity (TIC) of 5MW or less (this is the most appropriate technology for our area, hence this is the technoloy GrEnergy supplies)
  • Wind with a TIC of 5MW or less
  • Hydro with a TIC of 5MW or less
  • Anaerobic digestion with a TIC of 5MW or less
  • Micro combined heat and power (CHP) installations with a TIC of 2kW or less

What is the eligibility criteria?

  1. Make sure your installation uses equipment approved by MCS and that your installer, such as GrEnergy, is MCS-certified
  2. Have an MCS certificate from us, your installer. We must register your installation on the MCS database within ten working days of commissioning your installation
  3. You must apply to your FiT licensee following their process and using their FiT application form. You must include your MCS certificate in the application
  4. The date your completed application is received by your FIT licensee is the date you become eligible for FIT payments. Your FIT licensee will therefore require an initial meter reading taken on this date
  5. Once your FIT licensee has all the information required from you, has carried out the application checks and has found that your installation is eligible, it will add the details to our Central FIT Register
  6. Your FIT licensee will then provide you with your Statement of FIT Terms. Once you have agreed and signed these, payments can begin

Note that in order to recieve any tariff higher than that of the standalone tariff, your property needs to have an EPC rating of D or above.

Tariff Band (kW)

<4 >4-10 >10-50 >50-150 >150-250 >250-500 Standalone Export Tariff

FiT Rate (p/kWh)

12.92 11.71 11.71 9.63 9.21 5.94 4.44 4.85