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Green Deal

What is it?

The GDHIF (Green Deal Home Improvement Fund) is a government financial incentive. It's purpose is to promote the installation of energy efficient improvements in homes by paying you up to £7600!

Who is it for?

Primarily the scheme is designed for home owners, with landlords and tennants also eligible to apply./p>

Ok, so how does it work?

The GDHIF is split up in to 4 packages:

  1. Core package 1 - up to £1,000 for installing 2 eligible energy saving improvements (from a list of 12).
  2. Core package 2 - up to 75% of the total cost of internal or external Solid Wall Insulation, up to £6,000.
  3. Add-on 3 - up to £500 if you have
    bought your home in the last
    12 months.
  4. Add–on 4 - up to £100 refund for having a Green Deal Assessment (GDA) that is tailored to your home.

Of these packages, you must choose 1 and/or 2 then add-on 3 and/or 4.

What is the eligibilty criteria?

You must:

  1. Be improving a domestic property in England or Wales.
  2. Have your proposed improvements recommended on an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or a Green Deal Assesment, that is less than two years old.
  3. Ensure that energy saving improvements you are applying for are eligible under GDHIF.
  4. Use an authorised Green Deal Installer or Provider already registered with GDHIF Look for the Green Deal Quality Mark*.
  5. Apply for your GDHIF voucher before the work commences.

*Note, GrEnergy is not a Green Deal installer or provider for insulation material, however we help introduce you to suitable suppliers.

Where do I apply?

Apply here.

Cashback Levels


Solid wall insulation Cavity wall insulation Loft insulation Condensing gas boiler Condensing oil boiler Double glazing Heating controls

Cashback Value (£)

4000 250 150 270 310 650 100