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How do Solar Thermal panels work?

Very simply, the Sun’s energy is absorbed by the Solar Panels, and is then transferred to your domestic water system. There it is stored until you wish to use it.

You will know how hot a dark coloured car gets inside on a sunny day. It feels really hot on the outside too because it radiates most of its heat back out to the surrounding air. Now imagine how hot that car would be if all the heat was trapped inside and wasn’t allowed to escape to the air! Well that is how a vacuum tube solar panel works and that is why it heats your domestic hot water so effectively.

Flat or tubular vacuum collectors absorb energy from the Sun. The energy is transferred to an anti-freeze liquid that is pumped through the collectors. Once heated, the liquid is then pumped to solar coils in the base of your domestic hot water cylinder. While passing through the solar coils, the heat energy in the liquid is transferred to the water in your cylinder. The heated water rises to the top of your cylinder ready for you to use when you turn on your hot water taps. The liquid in the solar coils which has now cooled is pumped back to the solar collector to be replenished with new heat energy and thus the cycle continues. If there is not enough Sun, in the winter for example, then your boiler will top up the heat for you in exactly the same way as it does now.