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Underfloor Heating

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HEP (Heat Emitter Plates)
under oak flooring
Heating pipes
HEP (Heat Emitter Plates)
seen from floor below
Heating pipes
Manifold set
Heating pipes
Heating pipes
Manifold set


Underfloor heating (UFH) is the most modern and efficient way to heat your home. In today’s high standard of building construction this type of heating not only reduces your fuel bills, it also gives you complete design freedom.

Underfloor heating in itself requires a good understanding of basic heating and how it interfaces with the whole plumbing and heating installation. We have invaluable experience of the integration of UFH with renewable technologies as well as traditional boiler systems giving you complete peace of mind.

At GrEnergy we produce bespoke designs for each project, guaranteeing performance and giving the end user complete peace of mind. With clients being ever more discerning, UFH is the first choice in more new homes, renovations and commercial properties.


  • Comfort - Underfloor heating provides an even distribution of radiant heat from the floor upwards.
  • Control - Each room temperature can be individually controlled by thermostats, so you achieve the required heat when and where you want it.
  • Costs - Underfloor heating can give you anything from 15%-40% savings on running costs against traditional heating methods.
  • Design Freedom - Underfloor heating removes the need for precious wall space typically taken up by radiators.

Types of UFH


A screeded floor construction is the simplest and most efficient way of installing underfloor heating. The heating tube is installed by clipping through a polythene protection layer directly into the insulation. Screed is then poured or hand laid over the pipes and insulation, forming the thermal mass.

Suspended Timber

A multi-layer Unifoil is laid out accross the joists; this is fixed into place using Unifoil clips. The underfloor heating pipe work is then clipped directly into the Unfoil clip which securely holds the pipe work in position.

Floating Floor

Existing floors can be easily heated by using our pre-grooved insulation panels with heat emission plates. The heating pipe work is simply walked into the panel before the final floor covering is laid.